How to take ownership of a File or Folder using NTFS in XP Pro:

The owner of a file or folder can change its permissions, thus controlling who can and can't access it. Remember that once you take ownership, though, you can't go back without the other user knowing.

Here's how to take ownership of an NTFS object in XP Pro:

Log on as Administrator.
You must first turn off simple file sharing if it's on. To do that, click Start | My Computer. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, then the View tab. Go to Advanced Settings and clear the box that says Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended). Click OK.
Then navigate to the folder you want to own, and right click it. Select Properties from the context menu.
Click the Security tab, click the Advanced button, and click the Owner tab.
In the Name list under "Change owner to," click Administrators. If you also want to take over ownership of everything within a folder, check the box that says Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
Click OK.
Remember that this only works on files and folders stored on NTFS partitions. FAT partitions don't have owners or file level permissions. You can't turn off simple file sharing in XP Home edition, but you can take ownership by booting into XP in Safe Mode as Administrator, and then following steps 3 through 6.

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