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check disk, autocheck, autochk

Could anyone help in understanding why chkdsk has suddenly stopped working on my laptop running xp home sp2., NTFS. It has run alongside page defrag for ages okay but when last set :on boot up gave message "cannot open volume for direct access. Have disabled virus protection and diskeeper and any other programme that could be interferring with chkdsk but still get same message. Page defrag starts and runs as normal after chkdsk closes.

  command line: "fsutil dirty query c" says that volume is not dirty.

In registry; BootExecute reads 

autocheck autochk/r\??\C:autocheck autochk *pgdfgsvc C1

chkdsk attempts to run at every boot and then windows loads normally.

Any suggestions on stopping it running at every boot and if possible a repair without new install of xp.

ps I am not running Zone Alarm but Norton 2005 anti virus/ firewall ,PC Doctor, Ad aware SE ,  O&O Diskeeper defrag none of which are new installs all report system clean of any infections


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