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Tạo mã nhúng embed tự động chơi nhạc lưu trữ  tại 4shared.com
Chỉ cần thêm đoạn flashvar="autostart=true" > vào cuối
You can change the parameters yourself. For example, to remove the full screen mode, you can change height="250" на height="20".

Autostart: [11:19:13] Olga: <'embed src="http://www.4shared.com/embed/122000020/2412c085"; width="420"
height="250" allowscriptaccess="always" flashvars="autostart=true"
Is there any way to increase the video quality? I recently created a video in 780p and is nice and clean if you download it, but it has lots of pixilation if viewed online. I know with YouTube you can make it HD online, but do you have anything similar, or planning on it?


We are working on improving of video quality. At the moment we do not propose HQ online,
however we are a growing site and we will consider this feature for our further development.

Thank you for using 4shared.
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